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Strong Women in Sticky Situations

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This time they've gone too far...

All Cynthia Webber has ever wanted was to keep her son safe. A career as a forensic accountant was supposed to help her do that, but Cynthia’s world is rocked to its core when four-year-old Luke goes missing from Chinook Centre, along with his grandmother.  

When Cynthia discovers the kidnapping has ties to one of her files, she’s more determined than ever to get Luke and her mother back before Christmas, even if it means risking her own life. 

Don’t miss this high-stakes conclusion to the Cynthia Webber crime thriller series.

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I'm Michelle and it's nice to meet you!

I strive to write the kind of books I enjoy reading--interesting (yet complicated) characters, a little romance, and a lot of mystery and intrigue! I enjoy reading many genres, and so, I also enjoy writing many different things. I struggled to figure out how they were all connected until one day, it clicked...


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