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Faking My Fall Crush

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It’s all fun and games . . . Until it’s not . . .

Felicia Ellway has always had a flair for the dramatic. So when her friend Kit dares Felicia to tell her family she’s engaged, she doesn’t flinch. But when her family books the next flight to see her, she’s scrambling for a plan.

To continue her lie, Felicia convinces her best friend Marshall Jackson to act as her fiancé for the weekend. Marshall would do anything for Felicia—even buy her a real diamond.

When Marshall sees Felicia’s walls start to crumble as they spend the weekend together as a couple, he enlists the help of Felicia’s little brother to win her heart for real.

Will Marshall find the courage to tell Felicia how he truly feels or will he let Felicia’s facade continue?

Faking My Fall Crush is a sweet, small town romcom novella.

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