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A Child Far from Home by Lizzie Page: A Tale of War and Family

A Child Far from Home by Lizzie Page is an emotionally gripping novel that artfully captures the turmoil and heartache of war through the intimate lens of a mother-daughter relationship. Set against the backdrop of England in 1939, as the threat of war looms large, the story unfolds with a poignant farewell at a foggy train station, setting the tone for a narrative rich in emotion and historical ambiance.

The protagonist, Jean, is a single mother compelled to send her ten-year-old daughter Valerie to the relative safety of the countryside as London braces for the impending Blitz. This separation, filled with uncertainty and fear, is painted with such visceral authenticity that it tugs at the heartstrings. Page's portrayal of Jean’s mixed feelings of desperation and hope, as she promises a swift reunion, reflects the painful choices many faced during the war.

Valerie's journey as an evacuee in Somerset is portrayed with equal finesse. Far from the idyllic escape she imagined, she encounters challenges that mature her beyond her years. Page deftly explores Valerie's evolving understanding of her situation, her longing for her mother, and her adaptation to a life so starkly different from the one she knew. Her dreams of returning home and the crushing realization of her now-devastated old street in London are especially moving, illustrating the personal losses suffered by so many during the war.

The narrative also skillfully interweaves a subplot involving a long-hidden secret from Jean's past, which surfaces amidst the chaos of war. This revelation adds a layer of intrigue and emotional complexity, deepening the reader’s investment in the characters' fates. The secret, which has the potential to permanently alter mother and daughter's relationship, is handled with sensitivity and suspense, keeping the pages turning.

Page’s writing shines in its ability to convey the historical context with vivid detail while maintaining a clear focus on the human element. Her characters are beautifully developed, with realistic emotions and reactions that make them relatable and their experiences resonant. The rural English countryside and war-torn London are rendered with a clarity that transports the reader to another time and place, enveloped in the author’s rich descriptions.

In conclusion, A Child Far from Home is a compelling tale of love, loss, and resilience. Lizzie Page has not only crafted a deeply personal story but also a poignant reminder of the enduring human spirit in times of great adversity. This novel is a must-read for those who appreciate historical fiction with heart and depth, and it promises to leave a lasting impact.

More About A Child Far from Home

England 1939. I desperately push my way through the crowded platform and try to find my darling daughter’s face in the fogged-up windows. As the train pulls away I frantically wave and force a smile. I’m sending her away to protect her but it’s only ever been the two of us. My heart breaks at not knowing when I’ll see her again…

With the country on the brink of war, single mother Jean embraces her ten-year-old daughter, Valerie, before she puts her on a train to Somerset alongside hundreds of other evacuees. Jean promises Valerie that the war won’t last long and that they’ll be together again soon. But as the bombing gets closer to home, she realises this might be a promise she can’t keep…

Wrenched away from her mother and everything familiar, little Valerie soon discovers that life in the countryside isn’t as idyllic as she first thought. Every night she dreams of returning home to the arms of her mother. But when she learns her old street has been devastated by the Blitz, it’s like her heart is torn in two. With no home to go to, where does this little girl belong?

Meanwhile in London, the chaos of war has unearthed a heartbreaking secret from Jean’s past she has kept hidden from Valerie for years. A secret that has the power to keep them apart forever.

With their old life in tatters, and hundreds of miles between them, will this mother and daughter ever be reunited? And if they are, will Jean’s secret change Valerie’s life forever – and will Jean lose the only person she has left in the world?

A heartbreaking historical novel set in World War Two that will have you completely gripped. Perfect for fans of Diney Costeloe, Shirley Dickson and Sandy Taylor.

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More About Lizzie Page

Author Lizzie PageLizzie Page is the pseudonym of Sam Lierens, a mum of three, who (for some reason) got a puppy this year. Sam has lived and worked in Paris, Tokyo and London and loves combining her love of history with fiction.


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