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A Review of Bring Me Your Midnight by Rachel Griffin

Let me preface this review by saying I’ve also read Rachel’s books Wild is the Witch and The Nature of Witches and I loved them both. Bring Me Your Midnight did not disappoint. 

In Bring Me Your Midnight, Rachel Griffin weaves a spellbinding tale that firmly plants readers in a bewitching world filled with intriguing characters, complex relationships, and a deep underlying tension. Griffin masterfully marries the best aspects of the fantasy genre with a strong female protagonist who grapples with her desires and responsibilities in equal measure.

Griffin's protagonist, Tana Fairchild, is a refreshing entry in the world of fantasy fiction. She's more than just a witch; she's a young woman navigating the treacherous waters of societal expectation and self-realization. Her journey, sparked by a missed midnight ritual, leads to a series of events that transform her from a puppet in the grand scheme of others into a master of her own destiny.

The nuanced relationship between Tana and Wolfe, an enigmatic practitioner of “dark” magic, is handled with great sensitivity by Griffin. The evolution of their bond—from reluctant allies to something much more—forms the backbone of the narrative. Wolfe, with his enigmatic aura and forbidden magic, becomes the catalyst that pushes Tana to question her predetermined path and explore her true potential.

Griffin’s prose is evocative and vivid, immersing the reader in the haunting beauty of Tana's island home and the terror of the tumultuous sea. Her world-building is fabulous, seamlessly blending the magical and mundane, creating a richly textured universe that feels authentic and lived-in.

The delicate balance between the witches and the mainlanders—a metaphor for numerous real-world dichotomies—is another standout element of Bring Me Your Midnight. This element adds a layer of tension that underpins the narrative, making the reader invested in the fate of not just Tana, but her entire community.Book Review Bring Me Your Midnight by Rachel Griffin

Tana's growth, her struggle with choosing between love and duty, and her decision to embrace her innate power, all speak to the universal desire for self-assertion. It reminds readers of the potential within us all to transcend societal expectations and embrace our authentic selves.

In conclusion, Bring Me Your Midnight is a must-read for any fantasy aficionado, especially those enjoying YA, delivering an enchanting blend of magic, romance, and personal growth. Rachel Griffin has crafted a captivating tale that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. Her ability to build a complex world while retaining focus on her characters is a testament to her storytelling prowess. Bring Me Your Midnight is a triumphant exploration of power, duty, and love, reminding us that sometimes, the most significant battles we face are the ones within ourselves.

Bring Me Your Midnight is available now! Here’s the Amazon blurb:

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Nature of Witches and Wild is the Witch comes a lush romantic fantasy about forbidden love, the choices we make, and the pull between duty and desire.

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Tana Fairchild's fate has never been in question. Her life has been planned out since the moment she was born: she is to marry the governor's son, Landon, and secure an unprecedented alliance between the witches of her island home and the mainlanders who see her very existence as a threat.

Tana's coven has appeased those who fear their power for years by releasing most of their magic into the ocean during the full moon. But when Tana misses the midnight ritual—a fatal mistake—there is no one she can turn to for help…until she meets Wolfe.

Wolfe claims he is from a coven that practices dark magic, making him one of the only people who can help her. But he refuses to let Tana's power rush into the sea, and instead teaches her his forbidden magic. A magic that makes her feel powerful. Alive.

As the sea grows more violent, her coven loses control of the currents, a danger that could destroy the alliance as well as her island. Tana will have to choose between love and duty, between loyalty to her people and loyalty to her heart. Marrying Landon would secure peace for her coven but losing Wolfe and his wild magic could cost her everything else.