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Dear Miss Kopp

I’m excited to bring you this book review for Dear Miss Kopp by Amy Stewart. When the Covid-19 pandemic was ramping up, I received an email from The Authors Guild sharing that Amy would be doing a session on creating book videos over on their YouTube Channel. After watching Amy’s video, I found her website and joined her email list which is how I found out about her book, Dear Miss Kopp.

Let me start by saying, “You have to read Dear Miss Kopp!”

The book is told in a series of letters, which was one of the things that piqued my interest in reading it in the first place. I really enjoyed this format, and I felt I got to know the characters really well. I also wanted to read the book because of the setting: World War I. I wanted to know what it might have been like for women during this time, and the book definitely delivers on this.

Following is the book description as it appears on Amazon:

Split apart by the war effort, the indomitable Kopp sisters take on saboteurs and spies and stand up to the Army brass as they face the possibility that their life back home will never be the same.

The U.S. has finally entered World War I. Constance, the oldest of the Kopp sisters, is doing intelligence work on the home front for the Bureau of Investigation while youngest sister and aspiring actress, Fleurette, travels across the country entertaining troops with song and dance. Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location in France, Norma oversees her thwarted pigeon project for the Army Signal Corps. When her roommate, a nurse at the American field hospital, is accused of stealing essential medical supplies, the intrepid Norma is on the case to find the true culprit.

Determined to maintain their sometimes-scratchy family bonds across the miles, the far-flung sisters try to keep each other in their lives. But the world has irrevocably changed—when will the sisters be together again?

Told through letters, Dear Miss Kopp weaves the stories of real-life women a century ago, proving once again that “any novel that features the Kopp sisters is going to be a riotous, unforgettable adventure” (Bustle).

And here’s the review I shared on BookBub:

First of all, if you haven't read any of the other Kopp Sisters books (like me) don't let that deter you. You will not love these sisters any less - they are fabulous! While the book takes place during WWI, clearly not a fun time in the world, it is still a fun (and educational) read. 

The sisters have such unique personalities that really shine through in their letters, which was a wonderful way to read the story. It felt very true to the time period. I can't wait to start at the beginning of the series and learn more about these endearing sisters.

I highly recommend this book, especially if you are a fan of historical women’s fiction. The book is currently available to pre-order, and releases on January 12, 2021. 

Here’s the Amazon link to Dear Miss Kopp one more time! 

PS - If you are an artist or writer, Amy’s Skillshare classes are fabulous! She’s an engaging teacher who explains things clearly.

Dear Miss Kopp Book Review