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Down A Bad Road by Regina Buttner


Jealousy can be deadly.

Longtime bachelor Ron Burley has a rule against messing around with married women in his rural upstate New York town, but sassy, lovely Lavender has convinced him to break it. Their steamy affair sets someone off, but it isn't Lavender's clueless husband-it's Marta, Burley's clingy childhood friend and ex-lover.

Marta knows Burley is on the verge of going broke, so she secretly tries to lure him with a lucrative job offer and some enticing fringe benefits. Although he's sorely tempted, Burley's afraid to trust Marta due to the sketchy circumstances surrounding their bitter breakup years ago; but this might be his only chance to get back at her for what she did.

Suspicious of her boyfriend's romantic history, Lavender visits a psychic for a tarot card reading in a creepy cabin in the Adirondack woods. Watch your back, the psychic warns her. Burley and Marta aren't the innocent people they're pretending to be. Someone's out for revenge, and this love triangle could turn deadly. 

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

ISBN-10: 1685131883

ISBN-13: 978-1685131883


Print length: 298 pages

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Down a Bad Road by Regina Buttner is set in a quiet rural town in upstate New York, an idyllic setting turned claustrophobic by the intensity of the relationships at play. Buttner uses this setting to great effect, contrasting the serene environment with the turmoil brewing beneath the surface. It is here that we meet Ron Burley, a character whose experiences and decisions create the backbone of the narrative.

Burley, a lifelong bachelor with a rule against entanglements with married women, finds himself trapped in a torrid love affair with the irresistible Lavender. This affair, however, sparks the ire of Marta, Burley's childhood friend and former lover. The delicate balance of this complex love triangle is what propels the narrative, with each character's motives and actions further adding to the simmering tension.

Each character is drawn with depth and complexity, none more so than Burley. His past relationships, his struggle against financial ruin, and the ensuing mistrust all combine to make him a compelling protagonist. Equally gripping are the characters of Lavender and Marta, both of whom lend their unique flavors to the boiling pot of the narrative.

Down a Bad Road shines in its exploration of jealousy, betrayal, and revenge. It expertly paints the picture of how suspicion and paranoia can unravel even the strongest of bonds. The inclusion of a tarot card reading adds a layer of mystique, further enhancing the suspense.

Regina Buttner delivers a powerful narrative filled with suspense, passion, and intrigue. This tale of a love triangle gone wrong is an intriguing exploration of human emotions, deceit, and the lengths to which people will go for revenge. 


Regina is a registered nurse-turned-writer who was raised in beautiful upstate New York, where she spent many happy years exploring the winding back roads and scenic hiking trails of the Adirondack mountain region. She recently traded the snowy northern winters for the tropical breezes of the Sunshine State, where her favorite pastimes are kayaking among the mangroves, strolling the gorgeous beaches, and attempting to teach tricks to her boisterous corgi. 

Learn more on Regina's website or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads or BookBub


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