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The Day I Lost Her by Catherine Miller

Once again, thank you to Bookouture for the advance reading copy of The Day I Lost Her by Catherine Miller. 

About the Book

As I stare at the girl, I feel my heart pound inside my chest. There she is, my daughter, right in front of me after all this time. I have to reach her, to hold her, before I lose her all over again…

I have experienced what no mother should: I have lost my child. Many years ago, after my divorce, my daughter moved in with her father, and then went missing...

For years, I searched everywhere for my darling girl, but she had vanished without a trace. But even on my darkest days, when my heart felt truly broken, I kept a hope alive inside – a hope that my little girl would, one day, find her way back to me.

And now, standing in front of me, so close I could touch her, is a young woman who looks just like my beloved Tilly. I’ve been reminded of her so many times over the years, but this is different. The curve of her face, the sound of her voice…

But just as my heart leaps with unimaginable joy, she disappears into the crowd and I lose sight of her. I can’t believe she has gone before I had the chance to reach her.

As I desperately scan the faces around me, my heart pounding in my chest, I realise I am certain that she was my little girl, back after all these years. But why would she seek me out now, just to vanish all over again? And how can I find her? Because no matter how much time has passed, she will always be my little girl… And I will do whatever it takes to hold her in my arms once more.


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My Review

In the crowded literary universe, a book that provides profound emotional impact is always a breath of fresh air. Catherine Miller's The Day I Lost Her is one such gem. With a deeply human narrative, Miller masterfully navigates the harrowing journey of a mother’s undying love for her child.

The book's protagonist is a beacon of hope and resilience, embodying the unyielding love of a mother who refuses to give up on her daughter, Tilly. Her journey paints a poignant tale of loss, love, and resilience that is both heart-wrenching and inspiring.

From the beginning, Miller's narrative captures the reader's attention. The protagonist's desperation as she sees her daughter disappear again, her heart pounding in her chest, is palpable. The anxiety and anticipation are so vivid that you can almost feel the protagonist's desperation echoing in your own heart.

The Day I Lost Her is also a narrative of hope. Even in her darkest moments, the protagonist clings to the hope that one day her little girl would find her way back. This enduring hope amidst adversity is a testament to the strength of a mother’s love, a theme that Miller explores with great depth and sensitivity.

Tilly’s sudden reappearance and her just as sudden disappearance again raises intriguing questions about why she would seek out her mother and then vanish again. It hints at the potential for a deeper, more complex backstory and highlights the ever-evolving dynamics of familial relationships.

In conclusion, The Day I Lost Her is full of heart, hope, and a testament to a mother's undying love. It's a narrative that invites us to reflect on our own relationships and the extraordinary lengths we would go for the ones we love. 

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About the Author

Catherine Miller Author

When Catherine Miller became a mum to twins, she decided her hands weren’t full enough so wrote a novel with every spare moment she managed to find. By the time the twins were two, Catherine had a two-book deal with Carina UK. Her debut novel Waiting For You came out in March 2016.

Catherine was a NHS physiotherapist, but for health reasons she retired early from this career. As she loved her physiotherapy job, she decided if she couldn’t do that she would pursue her writing dream. It took a few years and a couple of babies, but in 2015 she won the Katie Fforde bursary, was a finalist in the London Book Fair Write Stuff Competition and highly commended in Woman magazine’s writing competition. Since then she’s had four novels published.


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