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The Winter Child by Carly Schabowski: A Captivating Tale of Courage and Resilience

In The Winter Child, Carly Schabowski masterfully crafts a poignant and gripping tale set against the harrowing backdrop of Nazi-occupied Poland in 1943. This novel is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, brilliantly encapsulated through the eyes of the protagonist, Irena.

From the very first page, Schabowski immerses readers in the chilling atmosphere of a small Polish town under the shadow of war. Irena's struggle to support her family while navigating the dangers of serving Nazi officers at the local hotel is depicted with haunting realism. The tension of living under constant fear, especially of the menacing Gestapo officer Richter, keeps the reader on edge, eagerly turning pages.

Irena’s character is a beacon of resilience. Her unwavering determination to protect her family and her eventual motherhood amidst such brutal circumstances is deeply moving. The narrative takes a heart-wrenching turn when Irena’s baby is taken from her, propelling her into a relentless quest for vengeance. Schabowski’s portrayal of a mother’s love and her courage in the face of insurmountable odds is both inspiring and heartbreaking.

The historical setting is richly detailed, bringing to life the stark realities of World War II. Schabowski doesn’t shy away from the brutalities of war or Nazi acts, but she also infuses the story with moments of hope and humanity. The supporting characters are well-developed, each adding depth to the story and enhancing the emotional impact of Irena’s journey.

The pacing is wonderful, with each chapter building suspense and anticipation. The twists and turns keep the reader guessing, and the ultimate revelation is both shocking and thought-provoking. Schabowski’s writing is elegant and evocative, painting vivid pictures of both the beauty and the brutality of the era.

The Winter Child is more than just a historical novel; it is a powerful exploration of love, loss, and the lengths to which one will go to seek justice. Carly Schabowski has created a compelling narrative that will stay with readers long after the final page. This book is a must-read for anyone who appreciates a story of courage, resilience, and the unbreakable bonds of family. Highly recommended.

More About The Winter Child

Poland, 1943: ‘Please don’t do this!’ Her shrill cry pierces the night air, the screams breaking the silence of the falling snow. But the man she calls to does not turn, vanishing into the darkness with a child clasped in his arms…

Present day: Irena has waited a lifetime for this moment. At last, she has the chance to confront the man who has haunted her dreams for the last fifty years.

Despite the warmth of the day, a shiver runs down her spine as she stares at the house. Inside is the person she hasn’t seen since that terrible night in Poland, in the snow, all those years ago. Having spent so much of her life searching, soon she will face the man who broke her heart, leaving her with nothing but shattered pieces.

Moving towards the door, she takes a deep breath. This is her final chance to avenge what the Nazis did to those she loved during the war. But as she reaches a trembling hand towards the handle, her breath coming in shallow gasps, she suddenly stops.

She has imagined this moment for most of her life, but is she prepared for revenge to cost her everything? And even if she is, will she recover from the truth she is about to uncover?

This gripping and emotional wartime novel tells a moving story of courage, hope and the endurance of the human spirit, even in the darkness of the World War 2. Perfect for readers of The Tattooist of AuschwitzThe Nightingale and The Alice Network.






More About Author Carly Schabowski

Author Carly SchabowskiCarly is the USA Today bestseller of historical fiction novels The Ringmaster's Daughter, The Watchmaker of Dachau, The Rainbow and The Note.

She lives in a tiny cottage in Oxfordshire, with barely enough room to swing a cat. Yet, she has managed to dwell in such a hobbit-type abode for some years with her two dogs, who keep her company as she reads, writes, eats chips, and drinks the occasional gin.

Her interest in WWII history spans from a familial connection, and inspired her to complete a PhD regarding the author's responsibility to historical fiction. Whilst an achievement, she gained 20 lbs, and became a hermit. 

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