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Unveiling the Shadows: A Review of The Girl in the Dark by Zoe Sharp

The Girl in the Dark by Zoë Sharp is a riveting crime thriller that cements Sharp's reputation as a master of the genre. Following the tragic demise of Shannon, a benevolent soul with a mission to help the destitute, the novel quickly ensnares readers in a web of mystery and suspense. Shannon's final word, "Blake," serves as a beacon for the protagonist, Blake Claremont, igniting a fiery determination to uncover the truth behind her friend's untimely death.

This is the first book I've read in the series, but I didn't feel like I was missing too much. I do want to go back and read book one though! Sharp intricately weaves a tale of desperation, loyalty, and retribution through the gritty streets of the city, a setting that is as much a character as Blake and Byron themselves.

The narrative expertly balances emotional depth with relentless pacing, ensuring that readers are both moved and enthralled. Blake, a survivor of the harsh realities of street life, embodies resilience and a fierce sense of justice. Her journey from a beneficiary of Shannon’s kindness to the avenger of her death is compelling and richly developed. I really appreciated that homelessness and the treatment of people who are homeless was front and centre in this book.

The partnership between Blake and Detective John Byron adds a dynamic layer to the investigation, blending Blake's street-smarts with Byron's investigative acumen. This alliance is pivotal as they delve into a sinister world where individuals vanish without a trace, and the value of a life is tragically underestimated by those lurking in the shadows.

Sharp's narrative skills shine as she delicately reveals the complexities of human nature and the lengths to which individuals will go to protect their dark secrets. The book's atmosphere is palpable, drawing readers into a world where the line between right and wrong blurs in the quest for justice. The suspense is meticulously built up to a crescendo, leading to a climax that is both satisfying and thought-provoking.

The Girl in the Dark is more than a crime thriller; it's a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the profound impact of compassion and courage. Zoë Sharp has outdone herself with this installment, crafting a story that is not only engaging but also resonates with the themes of friendship, redemption, and the relentless pursuit of truth. This is a must-read for anyone who cherishes a well-told story that stays with you long after the final page is turned.

More About The Girl in the Dark

The woman falls. Her body begins to shake. Her brown eyes turn upwards, showing a mix of panic and desperate hope. She takes a deep breath and says one word: 'Blake.' Then her eyes close, her face pales, and she goes still forever…

The victim: Shannon, a woman who went out of her way to help the lost and hopeless, left abandoned to die by the side of the road. Where was she in those last few days before her death, and why was she so frightened?

The avenger: Blake Claremont, who knows only too well how it feels to be alone on the streets of a big city. Blake survived, thanks to Shannon. She’s determined to find out who killed her friend, and why.

Before she died, Shannon was searching for answers. She knew that people were going missing… never to be seen again. Now, with the help of Detective John Byron, Blake must take up Shannon’s investigation. She knows these streets and the predators who walk in the darkness. She will follow in Shannon’s footsteps until she finds her target: the ruthless men and women who steal people’s lives and will do anything to protect their secrets.

And then, they will pay.

Prepare to be gripped by this unputdownable crime thriller, the second in the brilliant new series from the bestselling author of the Charlie Fox books. Fans of Karin Slaughter, Kendra Elliot and Cara Hunter won’t be able to put this down.

More About Zoë Sharp

Crime thriller author Zoe SharpZoë Sharp opted out of mainstream education at the age of twelve and wrote her first novel when she was fifteen. She created the no-nonsense heroine of her highly acclaimed Charlotte 'Charlie' Fox crime thriller series after receiving death-threat letters as a photojournalist.

If you haven't met Charlie Fox, the Chicago Tribune described her as: "Ill-tempered, aggressive and borderline psychotic, Fox is also compassionate, introspective and highly principled: arguably one of the most enigmatic — and coolest — heroines in contemporary genre fiction."

In his introduction to the VENGEANCE anthology, Lee Child said: "If I were a woman, I'd be Zoë. If Jack Reacher were a woman, he'd be Zoë's main character, Charlie Fox."

Zoë's work has been used in school textbooks in Denmark, made into a short film, optioned twice for TV and film, inspired an original song and has won or been nominated for numerous awards both in the United States and in the UK.

So far there are twelve books in the Charlie Fox series, plus a novella, a short story anthology, two e-boxed sets, and numerous short stories, with more coming soon! She has also written a standalone crime thriller, THE BLOOD WHISPERER, which features another strong female protagonist: former CSI turned crime-scene cleaner, Kelly Jacks, and collaborated with espionage thriller author John Lawton on a novella, AN ITALIAN JOB.

After receiving such a positive reaction to DANCING ON THE GRAVE, which was intended as a standalone crime thriller involving a sniper on the loose in the English Lake District, Zoë decided to turn this into a series. The second book featuring CSI Grace McColl and Detective Nick Weston is BONES IN THE RIVER, published May 2020.

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