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Wyoming Mountain Cold Case Review: A Pulse-Pounding Journey Into the Depths of Crime and Collaboration

About the Book

A murder spree brings a sheriff and police chief together…

Called to the scene of a killer’s latest victim, Laramie PD chief Willa Nelson and Sheriff Daniel Clark must work together despite jurisdictional differences. But as their investigation leads to a cold case, Willa has to trust Daniel with the truth. As the bodies pile up and the pressure mounts, they find themselves facing more than one unstoppable killer…

My Review

In Wyoming Mountain Cold Case, Juno Rushdan masterfully weaves a tale of suspense, intrigue, and the underlying need for unity when confronting dangerous obstacles. As you dive into the chilling setting of Laramie, the narrative swiftly immerses you in a crime scene that demands collaboration and a merger of investigative skills.

Willa Nelson, the Laramie PD chief, is portrayed as a character with grit, intelligence, and a deep-seated desire to bring justice. Her counterpart, Sheriff Daniel Clark, is no less compelling. Their dynamic partnership, marked by occasional differences due to jurisdictional boundaries, only adds more depth to the story. Rushdan balances the intricacies of police procedure with the undeniable tension that emerges from a budding partnership under pressure.

The highlight of this novel is how the present-day murder spree ties back to a cold case, revealing layers of intrigue that have been buried for years. This seamless integration of past and present creates an intense atmosphere that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, urging them to unravel the mystery alongside Willa and Daniel.

Moreover, Rushdan's nuanced storytelling ensures that the villains are as multi-dimensional and unpredictable as the protagonists, leading to a series of twists and turns that will leave readers breathless. As the title suggests, the coldness isn’t just related to the Wyoming mountains but also to the cold-hearted nature of the crimes and the chilling secrets that lie beneath.

Wyoming Mountain Cold Case isn’t just a crime thriller. It's an exploration of teamwork, trust, and the lengths to which individuals will go to unearth the truth. If you love thrillers and second chance romances, this is the book for you.

While all the books in the Cowboy State Lawmen series can be read as standalones, there are also some wonderful Easter eggs to be found by readers who’ve read some of the other books! I highly recommend the whole series!

About the Author

Juno Rushdan is a veteran US Air Force intelligence officer and the award-winning author of romantic thrillers. Her books are action-packed, nail-biting page-turners with twists you won’t see coming. Critics from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, BookPage and Library Journal have called her work “heart-pounding James Bond-ian adventure”, “fast-paced”, “gripping”, “a thrill ride” that “will captivate lovers of romantic thrillers.” She is married to her own military hero and is privileged to have two rambunctious kids and a spoiled rescue dog.

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Wyoming Mountain Cold Case Book Review