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Snow in Love

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Can a second chance at love melt an icy heart?

Jules Hartley, a resort manager with a heart as cool as the snow-laden slopes she oversees, returns to where she grew up to tend to her mother’s affairs after her death. Her icy guard is threatened when she discovers she’s inherited her mother’s business partner—Bennett Walker, the man who once melted her heart.

In the midst of the Pacific Northwest winter, Jules's fortress is put to the test. The enchanting holiday season brings more than twinkling lights and festive cheer; it also brings Bennett back into her life. Once her high school sweetheart, Bennett represents the past she’s worked hard to forget.

Thrust into close quarters, Jules and Bennett navigate secrets, shared responsibilities, and nostalgic holiday events. With each snowflake that falls, their icy standoff starts to thaw, revealing the glowing embers of a love that never fully extinguished.

As they work together to turn Wonderland Lodge into the holiday haven it once was, they find their frozen past melting away, replaced with a second chance they never thought possible.

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